Tip 1:

If you cannot add an available product to your cart, it may be that the item or size you are interested in is sold out, but the stock availability has not been updated on our website yet.

This generally only happens with very popular items that are sold out very quickly, and our website system is unable to keep up with a huge amount of visits in a short time frame, hence creating a lag in showing real-time product stock availability.

If you are encountering this problem, please try to purchase the item again later.

If you are unable to add an item to your cart or check out all items in your cart, kindly reach out to our Customer Service team. Please provide more information on the problem you are encountering, such as the product details (model, color, URL), date of incidence, etc. We will then be able to assist you better.

Tips 2:

In order to enhance the user experience and shopping safety, Tessan will update the website from time to time, this may cause the conflict of cookies on the website so that the product cannot be added to the shopping cart through your browser (of course, the update of your browser may also cause the same issue).

To solve this issue, you can clear your browser cookies (cookies time please select all).

If you don't know how to clear cookies, please check out this link: How to Clear Your Browser's Cookies

Note: If you're not certain whether the problem is caused by us or your browser, please try a different computer or browser.

Please feel free to contact us if you need help.

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